"Harlequin is a great partner. Very strategic. Very collaborative. Very productive. They get things done, and in a cost effective way."

Sponsorship, Marketing and Brands

Everything has a value. In tough economic times, the successful business focuses more not less on thinking outside of the box. Ask for our view, and you may be pleasantly surprised. From venue naming rights, retro returns from suppliers, or a brand and image review, we will tell you the nuts and bolts and what success looks like; and if you like what we say, we will make it happen for you. Our international supply network will bring your business into a review and we will sell you for what you are and what you want.

Key areas:
- Leveraging supplier relationships
- All sporting venue sponsorship solutions
- Brand review – what do you look like?
- Market position – where do you sit?
- Campaign management-tell us what you want and we will deliver it