"Harlequin is a great partner. Very strategic. Very collaborative. Very productive. They get things done, and in a cost effective way."

About Harlequin

Welcome to Harlequin Communications.We specialise in project managing solutions for the sport, leisure and event Industries. Our belief is that success is not complicated, but rather it needs to be definitive, creative and commercially viable.

The company is owned Angus Houston, who in a twenty five year career, has crossed the divides into every sector of sport, leisure and hospitality. His supply framework of associate consultants, providers and partners share the same ethos, and collectively, will provide solutions to any business need, event or venue. Our services are listed, and what you don’t see, does not mean we do not do it, so whatever the challenge, please ask.

What we recognise is that in a fluid and challenging environment, change is inevitable, and the most powerful change is that which is anticipated rather that mandatory.